Becoming a Resident

Steps toward becoming a resident

Leasing Program

  1. Call 717-569-3215 or click here to schedule a tour
  2. Submit application along with a $1,000 Reservation Deposit and a $75 (per person) Application Fee
  3. Meet with Resident Services Director
  4. Upon approval, sign contract and put down: a. 10% deposit if electing an Entrance Fee Program b. or the remaining balance of Community Fee if electing the No Entrance Fee Program
  5. Pick up keys and pay remaining balance on Entrance Fee *Cottages are renovated according to your selections and are reserved until your house sells **Monthly Fees begin upon move in

Why Choose Us

Q: How old do you need to be to become a resident?

A: One spouse needs to be at least 55 years of age.

Q: Do you have continued care?

A: Yes, we have a skilled nursing and rehab unit on our campus as well. All of the cottage residents are given priority access into this facility, should further care be needed.

Q: I’m concerned about fitting furniture into my new cottage. Will someone help me plan it out?

A: Absolutely! Our Retirement Consultant will be happy to help you take measurements and plot your furniture out on a scaled floor plan.

Q: Is additional storage space available?

A: Yes, Storage units are available for only $15.00 a month extra.

Q: Do you allow pets?

A: Yes, up to 50 pounds. All vaccinations must be up to date, and pets must be on a leash if taken outside of the cottage.

Q: Does your community offer guest rooms for out of town guests?

A: Yes, we have two guest cottages that are available on a first come, first reserved basis. They are fully furnished and have cable TV.

Q: What happens if I develop more needs as I age?

A: The trend is to age in place. In order to avoid yet another move, we will support you in an effort to establish at-home care in your cottage.

What our residents are saying

You park your car, you walk in the front door - the mail is right there. Why would you want to live anywhere else? The staff is so accommodating... you need this, you need that... don’t worry, they’ll take care of it. I’m glad to be at Lancashire Terrace.

Doris and Chuck B.

At my age I’m getting too old to do the things that needed done around the house, but here they take care of all that. It’s a GOOD maintenance crew. That is a real relief


Rebeccah, the Retirement Consultant, had a magnetic board with a layout of our cottage that she brought to our house. It had all these little furniture pieces on it that we could move around and see how OUR furniture could fit. It was very helpful in deciding that yes, we could live in this particular space!

Monty and Lorna

Today someone came when I put in the call with my ‘honey-do’ list, and he came right over and fixed little things all around the house. It’s really nice!


In the cold weather, when it’s icy and snowy, they deliver your food to you so that you don’t have to walk out and risk falling. The food is delivered right to our door, and its hot!

Bob and Evelyn