Our Philosophy

Lancashire Terrace was created with a determination to achieve the best by Wilmac, a privately owned multi-facility corporation. Now in its second generation of family management, the Corporation is a recognized leader in creating innovative adult lifestyle and healthcare options and has maintained an uncompromising tradition of excellence for over 50 years.

Accordingly, Lancashire Terrace Retirement Village provides an independent lifestyle for people who desire comfort, security, and social activity within an environment that supports and enriches their lives. Lancashire Terrace is a unique place where each resident is considered to be an individual of worth and dignity. At Lancashire Terrace a spirit of cooperation enhances the quality of life for its residents. Since 1976, our commitment has also extended to providing the area’s best value in senior living.

What our clients are saying

All my needs are met. Cottage life is wonderful. Dreams do come true!

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Terry, Lancashire Terrace resident

You park your car, you walk in the front door - the mail is right there. Why would you want to live anywhere else? The staff is so accommodating... you need this, you need that... don’t worry, they’ll take care of it. I’m glad to be at Lancashire Terrace.

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Doris and Chuck, Lancashire Terrace residents

My little dog, Noah, and I greatly enjoy our cottage. My front door opens to the outdoors and I’m just a few feet from my parked car.

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There’s a real wonderful warmth here. Everybody is on a first name basis. I love that.

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There was a welcome and a friendliness here. I felt at home 5 minutes after I moved in!

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Have you seen this place? As soon as you walk in, you’re at home. It’s so friendly!

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The idea of having a little cottage was my idea of retiring. One look and I was sold.

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